About - Travis Bernard

Hi there

Many of you probably already know me.  For those who found this site on their own or who are just meeting me - Welcome.  Nice to "meet" you.

I'm Travis Bernard, the photographer and blogger behind this site.  Welcome to my home - literally - my only home.  I live wherever I happen to be - this is the only part of me that stays in one place.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California, spent my 20's and part of my 30's in San Francisco, California.  At the ripe old age of 35, I realized there is too much in the world to see, and not enough time to see it all before I die.  Since then, I've been traveling full time and discovering how much of the world I can see.  

I love photography (ever since my dad introduced me to SLR cameras when I was 10).  I figure I'll use this site to try and share my experiences and this big planet with you  - my family and friends.

I'd love to hear from you - please use my contact page to reach out.

All the best,


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