About - Travis Bernard

Hi there

Many of you probably already know me.  For those who found this site on their own or who are just meeting me - Welcome.  Nice to "meet" you.

I'm Travis Bernard, the photographer behind this site.  Welcome to my personal photography home on the internet.

I grew up in Los Angeles, California, spent my 20's and part of my 30's in San Francisco, California.  At the ripe old age of 34, I realized there is too much in the world to see, and not enough time to see it all before I die.  So, I uprooted myself, traveled for the next year, visiting and living in Mexico, China, the Phillipines, Thailand, and Indonesia, using the time to think about the rest of my life and how I wanted to use it.  (Call it a mid-life crisis, if you wish.  ;-)   )   

This site started while I was out on the road and was my place to post the photos I took and to share my experiences and this big planet with you  - my family and friends.

These days, I'm focusing on family (living in Southern California with my family), photography (both personal projects and as a paid wedding photographer), bicycling (personal and as a tour leader) and squeezing in as much personal travel as possible.  I'll continue using this site to post the photos of our planet I find most interesting.  I hope you enjoy.

All the best,


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